The Pre-Employment: South Australia’s workforce going forwards

Employers today want to know whether the worker is likely to have any physical issues following employment and whether they can provide the best quality of work for the role.

A generic test may not address this, but a task-specific test will – along with a comprehensive declaration (medical history taking and questionnaire).

A good interpretation of the findings, which meets the employer’s requirements, and commenting on the sub-tasks specific to each role, makes the complete assessment.

NN Occupational Health has been a proudly founded and owned South Australian business working with other local and national companies for over 25 years, specialising in pre-employment medical assessments (physical functional capacity and job matching) and associated testing (drug, alcohol, hearing, and lung function), as well as providing ergonomic assessment of the workplace and on-site manual handling training.

Now, this is more important than ever, as we rebuild our workforce going forwards.

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