What our client’s say about us

Since 1993, NN Occupational Health has developed strong relationships with our customers. Our tailored approach means we have immersed ourselves into our customers’ workplace and industry to provide the best service possible. Below are some statements from some of our satisfied customers.

Methodology and a customised focus delivers the right people for the right job at Maxima.

As an employment organisation that specialises in placing workers in a variety of occupations Maxima works to assist employers in developing employment opportunities, supporting placed workers and facilitating training. With people being the key focus, the health, safety and wellbeing of workers is of paramount importance to Maxima. NN Occupational Health assists Maxima by providing a variety of core employment health and safety services that ensures the most effective functional placement of workers in suitable roles.

Graham Rabbett, Maxima’s WHS Manager based in Adelaide explains, “Nandu and his team have been assisting us particularly in the area of pre-employment testing. NN’s expertise and methodology gives us confidence that the prospective placements have the physical capabilities to undertake the intended role.”

Mr Rabbett has found that since engaging NN Occupational Health, the NN staff have developed a deep understanding of Maxima’s major roles and are able to confidently test prospective candidates and provide them with detailed information that is valuable in fitting the candidate to the position. Mr Rabbett explains “A key point of difference is NN’s ability to test onsite as well as at their offices in North Adelaide, this is a great value add and timesaver for us as staff don’t have to travel offsite.”

He goes on to say; “We also regularly engage NN Occupational Health to assist with training and ergonomic workplace assessments. With assistance from NN Occupational Health our staff benefit enormously and we are able to reduce re-aggravation of pre-existing conditions, physical stress and, as a result, reduce absenteeism which is better for the individual and business.”

“Nandu and the staff at NN Occupational Health really focus on our needs and more importantly they deliver time and time again; efficiently, professionally and with ease.”

Graham Rabbett, WHS Manager, Maxima
Prompt reporting results in quality staff for Southlink Buses

Wendy Roberts, Insurance & Injury Management Co-ordinator, Southlink Buses
Southlink Buses provide a contracted service to the South Australian Government and also manage a country bus service division called Link SA. With a large number of employees and new staff regularly joining the team, Wendy Roberts at Southlink Buses works closely with NN Occupational Health as she is responisble for the company’s insurance and injury management.

With an an extensive network of staff working in the Outer South, Outer North and Adelaide Hills, Ms Roberts liases with NN Occupational Health to ensure skilled and capable staff are recruited so that in turn the public is provided with a quality passenger transport service.

Wendy explains “NN Occupational Health was recommended to us several years ago for pre- employment screening and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service and subsequent outcomes of engaging them to assist us with this service.”

She goes on to say; “NN Occupational Health reports are extremely detailed and easy to read but more importantly they raise specific issues an applicant may have presented. And because their reports are provided promptly after assessment we are able to minimise the risk of losing a great applicant to another role with another business.”

NN Occupational Health are also assisting Southlink in developing a business case and rationale for the implemenation of an Employee Assistance Programme that when implemented will have a positive impact on all staff. “It’s great that NN Occupational Health can assist with pre-employment screening but can also assist us in planning for the future so our staff are well looked after.”

Ms Roberts has found Nandu and his team extremely reliable adding “They are extremely professional and operate with a common and approachable touch. They take on the issues of our business with a genuine interest and enthusiasm.”

Wendy Roberts, Insurance & Injury Management Co-ordinator, Southlink Buses
Pre employment functional assessments lead to great care at Stirling Hospital

As Hospital Services Manager at Stirling Hospital, Ms Ray has many responsibilities. The hospital tends to the medical needs of patients and the complex also has aged care facilities, so physical demands on staff are varied. Her role focuses on Work Health Safety at the hospital as well as managing housekeeping, accreditation, risk management and the hospital’s laundry contract.

With so many elements to her role Ms Ray and her focus on staff, she appreciates the support provided by with the assistance NN Occupational Health, in ensuring potential staff meet the requirements of the roles within the hospital, thus ensuring a sustainable work force for the hospital.

Functional assessments are a regular occurrence for new employees and in some cases for staff who are returning to work after injury. Ms Ray explains; ‘It’s important to know that a person is physically capable of the demands of the various roles we have at the hospital and the NN Occupational Health pre employment screening service really assists us with securing the right staff for the right job.”

Stirling Hospital had used another company in the past for pre employment screening but were not completely happy. Ms Ray explained ‘Our CEO saw Nandu give a presentation and was very impressed with his detailed approach so we sought his assistance with functional assessments and have been consistently happy with the services NN Occupational Health provide.’ Ms Ray went on to say that NN Occupational Health have assisted managing staff with WorkCover claims as well as staff who have been injured at home, to ensure they were fit to return to work.

NN Occupational Health stood out above other businesses with similar offerings as they demonstrated a greater interest and an understanding of the demands each role and site entails. ‘Not only do they show genuine interest in the sites, they are very pleasant to work with and cost effective which is a great advantage.’

Ms Ray went on to explain that reports are always delivered promptly, are professionally written and easy to understand. She has also found that NN Occupational Health are always pleased to accommodate their requests. ‘It’s been great working with Nandu and his staff, they know what they are doing and deliver time and again.’

Georgie Ray, Hospital Services Manager, Stirling Hospital