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Spirometry (Lung Function) testing provides employers with a baseline of a worker’s lung function prior to employment.

Spirometry results can help employers identify at-risk workers where work is performed outdoors or in a dusty environment, and allow for appropriate control measures to be actioned.

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Lung Function Test (Spirometry)

The worker is required to take a deep breath and blow through a device linked to a computer. This may be repeated a number of times to collect enough information for evaluation. The testing can identify potential obstruction or restriction (abnormal results), and together with clinical judgement, further evaluation can be made (e.g. referral for further testing, recommendations to avoid dusty working environments etc). The test is instrumental in documenting lung function prior to starting work.

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Please contact our office to discuss your specific requirements. There are specific circumstances where it would be recommended to conduct spirometry.

These include if the worker is going to be working in an environment where there is exposure to certain chemicals in the air, or if breathing may be impacted by dust or allergens in the role.

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