With the recent introduction of the Return to Work Corporation to supersede WorkCover SA there has been one big change that all employers need to be aware of and that is there are NO MORE SECONDARIES. What this means for you as an employer is that if you put on an employee with a pre-existing condition and they aggravate that condition then it could cost you lots of money, and I am sure you will agree that in the current financial times every penny saved is very welcome.

This means now is the time to ensure that your recruitment process is tighter than ever and that you are employing people who will be efficient and productive and at a minimal risk of aggravating their pre-existing conditions.
What you need is a robust, objective, systematic and targeted functional assessment to ensure you are minimising your risks.

We have been offering functional testing exclusively for pre-employment purposes for over 22 years, and since that time there have been many companies trying to emulate what we do without fully understanding the underlying philosophy of why and what we do.
Our functional assessments are constantly being refined and incorporate the latest in standardised assessment tools and acknowledge the up-to-date legal implications relevant to South Australian Business. All of this gives you as our customers the confidence that a NN Functional Assessment will ensure they are getting the right people for the right job.

If you would like further information or intend having a look through our assessment facilities in North Adelaide, please feel free to give us a call or drop an email.