Independent Assessments

Medico-legal assessments (or Personal Injury Claims) are performed by experienced Occupational Therapists to provide an independent, specialist opinion regarding work capacities, work readiness, and ability to manage at home.

The assessment comprises of the following steps:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessment
  • Job Analysis

Our team can also arrange a vocational assessment, conducted by an Organisational Psychologist. This test can provide a detailed recommendation if a career path is needed to be evaluated.

Following the assessment, a comprehensive, independent and unbiased report is provided detailing personal loss of function at work, home and leisure. With a focus on the injured person as a whole, NN Occupational Health will also provide recommendations for ongoing rehabilitation, equipment, assistance and training.

What Clients Say

Their reports are provided promptly after assessment; we are able to minimise the risk of losing a great applicant to another role with another business.
Wendy Roberts, Southlink Buses
“They quickly developed a deep understanding of our major roles and are able to confidently test prospects and provide us with detailed information that is valuable in getting the right person in the right job.”
Graham Rabbett, WHS Manager, Maxima
NN Occupational Health stood out above other businesses with similar offerings as they demonstrated a greater interest and an understanding of the demands each role and site entails.
Georgie Ray, Stirling Hospital
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