Our process

Our unique evidence-based testing and NN Job Matching

NN Employment testing overview

NN Occupational Health has pioneered the functional assessment since Nandu founded the business in 1993. We employ unique testing equipment that has been designed over many years to test functional capacity in the scope of workplace injury and return to work assessments. Our tests are therefore standardised tests (scored objectively) with a heavy evidence base. We combine these with the more general strength and clinical testing seen across the field to complete our unique and iron-clad assessment.

Rather than rely purely on individual muscle strength tests, we have found over decades of conducting pre-employment assessments, that functional activity based tests that replicate tasks at the workplace are much more accurate at predicting suitability and likelihood of injury. This is because the forces placed on the body are more closely matched to the tasks they will be undertaking at work. We call this our NN Job-Matching process. Our knowledge, experience, and training in how to conduct this type of functional testing is what makes NN Pre-employment assessments so effective at determining capacity and potential risk in any given role.

NN Job Matrix-Profiler/Compiler

NNOH pre-employment testing is based on an NN Job Dictionary that has been created by NNOH on site at various Employer locations. We aim to create one Job Dictionary for each Employer to account for differences between Employers hiring for the same roles.

The Job Dictionary concept was developed by Nandu in the early 1990s through WorkCover and SafeWork SA, with the express purpose of validating the job matching process in pre-employments. It serves as a framework from which we develop our testing protocol for each job and includes all tasks involved in each role.

The NN Job Matrix-Profiler/Compiler is a refined version of the initial Job Dictionary concept developed by Nandu. This allows us not only to appropriately assess the inherent demands of each job, but also to more accurately select which tests to undertake, to Job Match each candidate across the tasks expected of them, and to be able to compare multiple candidates amongst each other, having performed the same specific testing.

Reasons to develop a Job Dictionary include to allow for accurate Job Matching in pre-employment assessments, as well as developing a stand-alone Job Dictionary for any given Employer’s personal use (e.g., return to work after prolonged absence, rehab, internal HR job / Task Analysis, and appropriate task identification for restricted / injured workers).

Specialist service

NN Fit for Work

Fit for Work assessments were developed by Nandu in the 1990’s following an urgent need to assess workers returning to their jobs after a prolonged absence, often due to an illness or injury.

The Fit for Work assessment is critical when returning a previously injured worker to their role to ensure they can return safely, and that the appropriate tasks for them to undertake can be identified to minimise risk of injury or aggravation.

core services

Pre-employment testing

We employ a selection of specific functional capacity testing methods which have been developed internationally and are grounded in research. We use copyrighted and research-backed testing so that we can back up our testing methodology.

We select which of these tests are relevant for the role based on the tasks we have identified in our Job Dictionaries on file from over 29 years of assessing the workforce.

The report consists of a visually attractive design, showing performance and risk using colours and symbols to make it user friendly and easily understood for people from any background – including those with no medical training.

Time sensitivity

We have a 1 business day turnaround time.

Our reports are created and sent within 1 business day of the assessment.

We understand that recruitment is a time sensitive process, therefore we prioritise our time management. To further deliver on our fast turnaround, we accompany reports that have any identified risk factors with a personal phone call.

We contact you directly following the
assessment if there are any identified issues.

If there are any risks or issues identified during the assessment, one of our consultants will personally call you or your listed company contact after the assessment to discuss this over the phone.

We are a family founded business – this means we prioritise the value of building personal relationships and trust between people.

We want to ensure that there is always easy and open communication between the people assessing your candidates and your company.

The importance of this call cannot be understated – we want to ensure that you understand any medical terminology presented, and quickly answer any questions or queries you may have about the candidate’s suitability, performance, or impact of risks on the role, so you can make any time-sensitive decision without delay.

Further, some employers consider our assessment as a second-line interview, and we may be able to provide information regarding the candidate’s behaviour or attitude whilst attending our office, for example.


Our testing methodology has been specifically researched and selected by Nandu over his lifetime working as an occupational therapist – this is the reason our job matching is so accurate and effective at predicting worker efficiency and risk for specific tasks within a role, as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses for preventing injuries and comparing candidates.

The individual’s work attributes are matched directly with the job demands. The movements undertaken in the role are simulated with specific tests, the results of which are measured and depicted in an easy-to-read colour-coded format in our final report.


The final report is continually being re-designed and developed with our client feedback.

Many providers do not include sufficient detail in their reports, or too much medical jargon that is incomprehensible without extensive medical training.

NN Occupational Health prides itself on user friendly reports that are colour coded and easy for anyone to pick up and read regardless of prior medical training or expertise.

These reports have been fine-tuned over decades alongside employer feedback and are always being improved to ensure that your staff from all sectors of a business understand where issues may be present. Our Job Matching provides suitability for specific tasks in any given role and is based on our 29 years of experience in all industries.

The focus of our reports is for quick and easy comprehension of the most important aspects of the assessment – we prioritise usability and usefulness in our design.