NN Fit4Work® assessments

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Developed by Nandu in the 1990’s

Fit for Work assessments were developed by Nandu in the 1990’s following an urgent need to assess workers returning to their jobs after a prolonged absence, often due to an illness or injury.

The Fit for Work assessment is critical when returning a previously injured worker to their role to ensure they can return safely, and that the appropriate tasks for them to undertake can be identified to minimise risk of injury or aggravation.

NN Occupational Health Fit4Work Assessments ensure that workers are physically capable to undertake their usual and essential work tasks in a safe and timely manner. Our medical experts will tailor testing to establish an individual’s functional capacity for job matching.

Fit4Work Assessments can be undertaken when:

  • Workers return after surgery or significant illness.
  • Workers return after extended periods of absence from the workplace.
  • Workers return after maternity leave.
  • Experiencing difficulties at work when performing required tasks.

The benefits of NN Occupational Health Fit4Work Assessments include:

  • The minimisation of risk of injury to them and others.
  • Meeting WHS obligations to provide workers with work that is safe for them and others.
  • Prevention of potential workers compensation claims.

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