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NN Pre-employment Medical

  • Comprehensive medical and occupational history
  • Psychological and behavioural screening questionnaires
  • Height, weight, BMI
  • Blood pressure
  • Systems examinations including: Musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, neurological, ears, eyes, skin, and mouth.
  • Vision screening (including colour blindness)
  • Extensive testing options (audiometry, spirometry, drug and alcohol)

A pre-employment medical assessment is a general health screen to establish a physiological baseline for the candidate and identify any disease or associated risk factors. It involves basic health measures such as height, weight, blood pressure and vision testing. No lifting, strength, or fitness testing is undertaken unless a functional assessment is also requested for a full assessment, such as in our NN Industry Packages.

Why NN Occupational Health?

What’s included

Comprehensive history

A review of the candidate’s occupational and medical history with the assessor is necessary to identify any previous injuries or illness that may impact on the capacity to undertake the assessment, or tasks in the role.

Psychological screening questionnaires

Evidence based audit questionnaires screen for any psychological or behavioural signs that could affect capacity to work e.g. sleepiness / fatigue, psychological distress, and alcohol use.

Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure

Basic health measures are taken to establish a baseline health profile and identify any potential risk factors.

Systems examination

Whole body examination by system, including musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, neurological, ears, eyes, skin, and mouth, to provide a whole body health screen.

Vision screening

Near vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, and colour blindness screening tests to identify any visual abnormalities.

Extensive testing options

The Pre-employment medical is usually accompanied by select screening tests including audiometry (hearing), spirometry (lung function), and DAS (Drug and alcohol testing – saliva or urine), for example.

To create a complete profile of the candidate, a pre-employment medical is usually combined with an NN Pre-employment Functional Assessment for a complete assessment package that combines the health screening of the medical with job-matched physical testing.

We offer Industry Packages that combine the most common selections of assessments in specific industries – Please contact us for a selection of Industry Packages made to suit your requirements.

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