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NN Pre-employment Functional

A tailored physical assessment designed to assess a candidate’s capacity to undertake the tasks required in a role, and provide job-matching information to the employer. The specific tests selected in our functional assessment form a “job-matched” profile of how a worker’s functional capacity matches with the inherent requirements of the role.

  • Grip and pinch strength tests
  • Musculoskeletal range of motion and joint stability
  • Lifting and strength testing
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Cardiovascular step test
  • Postural tolerances
  • Push / Pull techniques
  • Clinical signs testing (for specific injuries)
  • Neurological screening

Why NN Occupational Health?

What’s included

Grip and pinch strength tests

An indication of upper limb strength, overall muscle strength, and to identify risk factors for injury in manual handling and hand specific tasks.

Musculoskeletal assessment

Overall range of motion to assess flexibility and safe working ranges of major joints, combined with specific tests to assess joint stability in various working postures.

Lifting and strength testing

A series of tests to assess a worker’s capacity to lift job-specific weights through a range of heights and in different body positions. Allows further assessment of joint stability and strength in relation to inherent job demands.

Manual handling techniques

An assessment of safe lifting and working movements to identify and correct potentially risky techniques e.g. lifting with the back, twisting through the spine.

Cardiovascular step test

Cardiovascular fitness levels are assessed against the cardiovascular demands of the role.

Postural tolerances

Specific testing to assess a worker’s ability to undertake tasks in different physical positions required in the role e.g. sustained kneeling, squatting, or stooping.

Push / pull techniques

An assessment of safe pushing / pulling techniques e.g. wheelchairs, trolleys, moving bed on wheels, moving wheeled equipment.

Clinical signs testing

A selection of tests designed to identify specific underlying pathology or injuries e.g. impingement, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Neurological testing

Testing to identify abnormalities in neurological function e.g. balance, coordination, nerve compression, tremor.

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Frequently asked questions

A Medical typically documents a health baseline for a person - what their general health looks like at that given point in time.

The functional assessment provides information on the physical capacity of a person, and how that may relate to the demands of a specific job.

While a medical is invaluable for establishing current health status, a functional assessment is conducted to assess how a person’s physical capacity matches the specific tasks undertaken in a given role.

Yes! While office or predominantly sedentary jobs may not seem like they would benefit from a Functional assessment, these roles still involve some physical tasks including standing, walking, manual handling in the form of lifting, stacking, pushing / pulling, hand skills and coordination, and working in different postures (bending, reaching).

In fact, with an increasing number of roles being completed from a desk, assessment of neck, back, core, and limb functions are critical to identify and minimise risk of injury long term, especially when first recruiting new staff.

Our pre-employment functional assessment is not split into different levels, rather we conduct a single complete assessment for every single booking. Each assessment is tailored depending on the inherent demands of the job - the price stays the same for you regardless of role and we match the assessments to any jobs you need.

We offer our pre-employment functional assessment as a standalone assessment, or as part of our NN Industry Packages with the pre-employment medical and associated tests e.g. audiometry, spirometry, DAS.

Similar to the pre-employment functional, we conduct NN Fit for Work assessments for workers returning to work after a prolonged absence or injury.

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