Fit 4 Work Assessment

Do you have an employee looking to return to work following a non-work related injury?

Are you aware that if your employee aggravates their injury when they return to work it could become a WorkCover claim?

We offer a Fit for Work Assessment (F4W) that helps to ensure you and your employee are well prepared and informed about any potential risks that may come from a return to work.

The assessment is a functional assessment that focuses both on the workers injury and their ability to perform their pre-injury job role. From there we review the work tasks and give a risk rating for each of the tasks involved in their pre-injury role. We can also provide you with information regarding their suitability and risk for performing other roles within your organisation.

If a worker is not ready to return unrestricted to their pre-injury role, we can offer recommendations that will assist their recovery and build them up to being able to work without increased risk. We can also offer recommendations to ensure their safety while performing modified duties if you would like to accommodate them while they are recovering.

The process for these assessments is tailored on a case by case basis with discussions before and after assessment.

If you would like further information please contact us.

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