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NN Occupational Health is located at Newland House, 80 Brougham Place, a short walk West from the corner of Brougham Place and O’Connell Street in North Adelaide.

We can be found at the beautiful old building marked “Newland House”, with street parking and signage on the building entry and on the front lawn.

Free Parking is available on the street for up to 2 hours. 

Please do not park in the private car park next to the building as this is for other businesses in Newland House.

Functional-Capacity assessment involves acquiring various positions simulated from the actual work situation wherein the health screening is more about your medical well-being.
Allied health staff specially trained in conducting functional Capacity evaluations under the licensing requirements of the equipment.
Medical practitioners such as Doctors or Occupational Health Nurses with experience of more than 15 years, depending on the requirement.
Advice on correct postures to prevent risk of injuries due to the high and/or repetitive demands of work chores.
One-to-one training is ideal if a specialist work activity is undertaken and/or where there is discomfort or injury to a particular body part.
Group training is ideal for a group of people working on similar tasks such as stores area.
We offer a short course (one hour), basic foundation course (two hours) involving practical sessions and a workshop (half-a-day) with certification issued.
Our short course could be on-site or in the rooms, but the foundation course and workshop sessions are conducted on-site and are hands-on.
Assessment involves observing the work practices and measuring the work attributes along with the ergonomics and occupational health issues. A comprehensive report with photographs and measurements is provided along with recommendations.
Employers can request this as a pro-active measure, to avoid progress towards a workers compensation claim. We offer highly qualified and experienced professionals, who have been involved in innovating these services.
Yes; this involves observing the worker at the workstation and identifying any WHS and ergonomic issues.
Yes, if arrangements have been undertaken to have all staff members available.
Worksite assessments help to understand other viable job options within the organisation and their suitability to match with the worker’s capacity following injury.
We offer a turn-around period of 24 hours.
This is a hearing test at a preliminary level to understand whether you are within the normal hearing limits. If your hearing is affected, it will establish your percentage loss of hearing before you commence employment.
This test (spirometry) is undertaken to estimate lung function capacity for workers exposed to external environmental factors.
Urine or saliva samples are collected and assessed via instant testing for THC, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Morphine and Benzodiazepines.
Please make sure you are able to provide us with the names of each medication you are taking; some people find it easier to prepare a written list prior to the assessment and bring it with them!
The majority of Functional Capacity assessments will be completed in 1 hour, with more detailed pre-employment testing being completed in 90 minutes.
Brief pre-employment testing, including stand-alone audio and lung function tests, will be conducted in 30 minutes.
Some functional capacity assessments are accompanied by a medical assessment with one of our nurses and/or doctors, taking an additional 30 minutes to complete.
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked assessment time to complete the medical history and questionnaire.
If you are scheduled to attend a full functional capacity assessment at NN Occupational Health, you will need to bring some photo identification. Wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing is ideal. Please make sure you are wearing closed-in shoes. You may bring a water bottle, however water will be available at all times during your pre-employment testing.
If you are aware that you may be required to give a urine sample, please try to avoid going to the bathroom immediately prior to the pre-employment medical assessment.
For those who wear contact lenses / glasses, please bring them with you to the assessment.
If you are on medication, please make sure you are able to provide the names, especially if you may be giving a urine sample.
It is preferable to bring the note from your doctor and/or audiometrist, so that we can decide whether to proceed with this testing.
Normally this is paid for by the potential employer but sometimes, the applicant may pay for this directly and recover the cost from the employer.
Yes you can if you are able to provide a detailed description of the job you are applying for.
Yes, we do, but it is preferable that you seek advice before you attend the assessments.
Unfortunately information cannot be shared between two employers.
Also, assessment is conducted with the express purpose of Job Matching with the identified job demands, which may different between employers.
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