Ash Nandoskar

Occupational Health & Safety Consultant

Ash joined NN Occupational Health in 2013, focusing on Occupational Health and Safety, worksite risk assessments and pre-employment functional capacity testing. He began consulting in OHS, guiding companies in meeting and passing requirements for audits in OHS management systems and environmental management systems. In 2015, he began to focus more specifically on pre-employment testing, having completed a certification in Ergonomics from Roy Matheson and Associates in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  

Ash enjoys building strong lines of communication with each client at NN Occupational Health and takes pride in his ability to undertake assessments in an empathic and professional manner.  

Prior to joining NN Occupational Health, Ash completed a Bachelor in Health Science specialising in Anatomical Sciences at The University of Adelaide, followed by a Masters in Health Science specialising in Occupational Health and Safety at the University of Western Sydney. 

Ash’s interests include spending time with friends, keeping fit, traveling, studying, and meditating.