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NN Occupational Health are the medical experts in Pre employment Screening Assessments. We assist HR personnel in ensuring employment candidates are fit for work and able to carry out the tasks required for the role. Our innovative approach and methodology have made us leaders in the health and employment industry since 1993.

The experienced team of medical professionals at NN Occupational Health deliver Pre employment Functional assessments for a variety of diverse industries; assisting HR departments and employers to secure the right staff for the job.

For over 29 years, NN Occupational Health has been the preferred choice for Pre Employment Screening assessments in South Australia.

Our ability to offer customised and tailored services is the key to NN Occupational Health’s continual recognition as the most efficient, cost effective and results-proven choice in Occupational Health solutions.

Our history

NNOH was founded by Nandu Nandoskar
in Adelaide South Australia in 1993

NNOH was founded by Nandu Nandoskar in Adelaide South Australia in 1993, after working with the South Australian Health Commission since 1983. Since then, we have pioneered and developed pre-employment testing procedures and brought equipment and testing methodologies from overseas, such as from the USA, to Australia. Nandu is well known in South Australia for his contributions to all industries, working with Councils, WorkCover, Hospitals, Government, Universities, and many large and small employers in the Private Sector over his career.

Nandu’s “Job Dictionary” and “Fit for Work” assessments

Nandu developed concepts such as the “Job Dictionary” and “Fit for Work assessment” in the early 1990’s working with WorkCover and SafeWorkSA, which we have built upon and refined over decades into the “NN Job Matrix – Profiler/Compiler” and “NN Fit4Work” assessment.

Building strong relationships for over 29 years

Over the last 29 years we have continued to build upon the design and ideas initially developed by the founder Nandu, which have resulted in many satisfied employers and strong relationships developed. This is on top of massive reductions in operating costs for said employers in terms of WorkCover claims, as well as the other benefits of building a resilient workplace, such as reduced sick leave and improved workplace culture.

South Australian owned and operated

Ash is Nandu’s son and has been working at NN Occupational Health since 2013, initially conducting WHS consultation to self-insured employers as a Lead Auditor. He is now overseeing Pre-employment assessments and related services, focusing on refining and expanding the medical and administrative processes. Ash has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science (Anatomy), Master’s degree in Health Science (Workplace Health and Safety), Ergonomics certification from the USA, and specific credentials in fields such as Computing, Management, and Experience Design, to ensure the continued delivery of high quality and effective services to NN Occupational Health’s customers.

Today, Nandu & Ash lead a team of medical professionals

Nandu and Ash lead a team of medical professionals with qualifications and expertise covering Occupational Therapy, Ergonomics Licencing requirements, Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental and Occupational Health Systems Auditing, Medical / Clinical Nursing and Medical Forensics.

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Nandu Nandoskar

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